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The power of time:

Time is defined as  - the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. As a trainer I use time to measure a rest period, duration of a workout or an interval of a specific training modality. I use time to make clients work out hard or let them take a break for a few seconds before I have them work on another exercise.

Today I was reminded how precious time is and how valuable it is when you have family and friends. How we spend our time is even more important when we come to the gym several times a week. Prioritizing workouts during a busy week will result in a healthier lifestyle, increased mental clarity as well as decrease your chances of chronic diseases.  Making time is hard, but if someone offered you a $1000 you would do it in an instant. Putting important things first will give you the power to stay in control and you get to decide how you really want to spend your time. Your time at the wellness center should be spent working on your goals, working out hard and continuing to improve your health. If you ever have questions about if your training program is benefitting you or how you could improve on your time spent here at the wellness center, do not hesitate to contact any trainers.

Check out the tips below for making sure you get your workout in!


  • Go to bed early. Don’t have caffeine or anything that messes with your sleep at least an hour before bed.
  • Prepare the night before. Have your workout clothes and everything else you need for the day packed and ready to go.
  • Put your alarm away from the bed. If you have to physically get up to turn the alarm off you’re much more likely to stay up.
  • Schedule your workout with a friend. You’re less likely to cancel if a friend or trainer is waiting on you.
  • Keep it interesting. Don’t do exercises you don’t like. Focus on activities that you like and enjoy doing. If you are looking forward to doing something you are more likely to make time for it in a busy schedule.


Use your time wisely and take some time to watch this video and read this article for more information.

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By Jaco Gerbrands