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Why you should get in the WATER

For many people, aquatic exercise is a little taboo or not even an option. The thought of putting on a bathing suits and smelling like chlorine is the last thing on their To-Do list. For the individual who comes to the wellness center and participants in weight training or our land base classes, adding one more mode of exercise might be hard to incorporate. The fact of the matter is, our members have access to one of the best pools in Watauga County and can benefit from all it has to offer.

"It's recommended to have 30-60 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise (five days per week) or 20-60 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise (three days per week)" (New Recommendations on Quantity and Quality of Exercise, ACSM, 2017). For many people, this type of impact is not tolerated well and leads to fatigue, tight muscles and burnout. We here at the wellness center have the ability to cross train all fitness levels to tolerate their exercise programs and function in their activities of daily living. A well rounded aerobic and strength training program in the pool can provide low to high intensity workouts with deep water exercises, lap swimming or shallow water aerobics. Participants of all levels have the tools to increase their resistance with water buoys, noodles, and weights. The addition of 1-2 aquatic workouts weekly could possible help detour injury and increase the benefits of land exercise.

For many people with chronic pain, arthritis, balance limitations and/or mobility challenges, the aquatic environment is ideal for exercise. Water exercise takes away the impact of gravity and allows joints optimal flexing, which can improve range of motion. The water's natural compression encourages improved blood flow for people with poor circulation. "Water also has greater resistance than air, which means walking in water requires more effort and ultimately burns more calories than walking on land" (Water Walking 101, Camille Noe Pagán and Sean Kelley,

For more information on The Wellness Center's aquatic options, please follow this link to our aquatic page. We offer several types of aquatic classes, swimming clinics and aquatic personal training.