nourish blog post - Paul H. Broyhill Wellness CenterBreakfast is the most important meal of the day. It provides you with the energy you need to start your day and can also provide many other health benefits including weight control. Studies have shown that when people eat breakfast in the morning, they are less likely to eat a larger amount of calories during the day.

The ideal breakfast contains a good balance of carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein. Carbohydrates provide fuel for your brain, healthy fats enhance absorption of the fat soluble vitamins and protein provides a feeling of fullness.

Try these quick breakfast ideas to start your day the right way:

  • Oatmeal with a dash of raisins or dried cranberries and walnuts
  • Low-fat plain yogurt layered with your favorite whole grain crunchy cereal and fruit
  • Breakfast smoothie made with low-fat milk and your choice of fresh or frozen fruit or a combination of both
    • If you want a thicker smoothie add an extra banana or extra frozen fruit
    • You can also use low-fat or Greek yogurt
  • Top a whole grain waffle with low-fat yogurt and your favorite fruit
  • Breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs and turkey bacon on whole wheat toast and your favorite fruit on the side

Don’t delay – eat your breakfast today