Trick or Treat pic

Halloween is just a few days away and it is estimated that Americans spend approximately two billion dollars on Halloween candy each year. According to a poll conducted by Influenster, America’s favorite candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and North Carolina’s favorite is the Butterfinger.


Ghosts and goblins may not be as scary as the abundant Halloween candy you may have access to over the next few days. Weight management can always be a challenge, but even more so during the holidays. It only takes an additional 500 calories above what you need daily to lead to a ten pound weight gain per year. A couple of snack-sized candy treats can add up to more than 100 calories and contribute to weight gain. Below are some tips instead of tricks to help survive the potential calorie overload.


  • Consider buying candy the day of Halloween to avoid eating a large portion before the big day

  • Buy candy you don’t like so the temptation to eat it is removed

  • Buy less than what you think you will need to avoid a large amount of leftovers

  • Give your leftovers away or put them out of sight so you are not tempted to grab a bite every time you walk by the candy dish

  • Satisfy your sweet tooth by savoring one small piece of candy to prevent an all out binge

  • Consider handing out non food items this year such as bouncy balls, glow sticks, stickers or bubbles


Keep in mind that the secret to success is calorie intake, which means choosing appropriate portions and remembering that every bite counts. I hope you have a safe and happy Halloween.