Massage therapy has been proven to help reduce stress, prevent illness, improve recovery from illness or injury, and combat fatigue along with many other health benefits. Below is a list of the services offered.

Schedule your appointment at the Wellness Center front desk or by calling (828) 266-1060. Gift certificates are also available.

Massage Therapy Services

Relaxation Massage - generally full body with light to medium pressure. Good style to relieve stress and improve circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage - similar to Relaxation, more focused and with firm pressure. Can be full body or focus on a specific area. Great for alleviating muscular tension.

Sports Massage - focused on problem areas, usually with deep pressure. Effective after injury, for specific therapeutic issues, and to address pain caused by sports or exercise.

Prenatal Massage - utilized for centuries to improve overall health, reduce stress, relieve muscle tension, therapeutic prenatal massage can be overwhelmingly beneficial to the health and well being of the expectant mother.

Chair Massage - good intro to massage, client fully clothed, no oils or creams. Only on upper body, back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. Light to medium pressure. Usually 10-20 minutes.

Massage Therapy Rates

Type 30 Minute Massage 60 Minute Massage 90 Minute Massage
Single Massage  $45 (members)
$60 (non-members) 
$70 (members)
$85 (non-members) 
$100 (members)
$120 (non-members) 
3 Massages
$130 (members)
$170 (non-members) 
$200 (members)
$245 (non-members) 
$285 (members) 
$340 (non-members)