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Challenge Dates: Jan 28th- March 10th. 
Participate in One or Both Challenges! 

  • You’ll have 6 weeks to burn 25000 calories. This will all be done through the app. You can connect the app to a wearable (Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, etc), enter calories manually or use xCapture on the app.
  • It’s free for everyone. Non-members can enter, but cannot win prizes.
  • This is an Individual Challenge. Each person will try to burn 25000 calories in 6 weeks. 
  • The app must be used to participate in this challenge.
  • Leaders, days left and all other info can be found under the Challenges tab on the app. All you have to do to join is click “Join”.

Weight Loss Challenge

  • This is a team challenge. All teams must come up with a Team Name and choose a Team Captain.
  • The Team Name, Captain and other 3 members and starting weights must be entered by Friday, Jan 25th.
  • That info is entered through the “Extra’s” Tab on our app. Just click on the 25K Calorie Challenge and it will take you to a form. Or use this link:


  • People can weigh-in starting Monday, Jan 21st. All starting weights should be in by Friday, an 25th. After that we’ll weigh in every Friday.
  • After teams are signed up I’ll replace the team sign-up form with a form to submit the weekly weight lost.
  • The Team Captain will be responsible for getting the total weight lost that week submitted.
  • I’ll also keep papers beside the scale in the fitness office for the captains to use when submitting weights.
  • Final weigh-ins will be no later than March 10th.
  • The team with the highest percentage of weight loss will win.


Watch the video below for more details!