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By Horton Doughton, MS, CSCS, Fitness Leader

The holiday season is upon us! It is a time of celebration, a time of thankfulness, and a time of merrymaking. With all the food, fun and friends, surrounding us this time of year it can be difficult to find time to go to the gym and exercise. However, that is not necessarily a problem. There are a great many things one can do at home in order to stay fit, even if you are pressed for time. Let’s discuss a few together.


Photo: Family Walking1. Walking

Walking can be a great way to burn some calories when on a trip seeing family or friends. Just get those feet moving one in front of the other, go to a place, and then come back! It really is that simple. It can also provide an opportunity for conversations. Staying at home? That’s fine too. Simply take a few laps around the house for some extra activity.


2. Taking the Stairs

Pressed for time? It’s cold outside? Don’t know what to do? There is a solution: go up and down the stairs. Yes, that’s right. Stair climbing can be a super great way to get exercise and strengthen your legs. All you have to do is go up and down the stairs for a while and you will be worn out in no time! Make sure to hold onto the railing – slipping is not fun.


Photo: Lifting Christmas Presents3. Picking Stuff Up

Turkeys, boxes, bikes, bags, cans…the world is full of heavy things and we can pick them up! Just grab something and lift it off of the ground. Then, put it back down again. Now, pick it up again. See, wasn’t that great? You can use this tried-and-true technique to strengthen your legs, back, arms…just about everything. Try lifting those cans of green beans over your head a few times. Grab that box in the living room and hoist it to the hip(with proper form, of course). The world is your weight room, and there is no shortage of challenges.


4. Jogging in Place

Watching TV? Why not make things more exciting by getting those feet moving? Keep enjoying your favorite holiday programming, just stand up and pump those legs. It really adds up!


5. Doing Push-ups

Have a spare 30 seconds? I did. I just paused from writing this article to do some push-ups. (I really did! Just ask me.) You too can do the same! Take a minute and challenge yourself with a pushing task. You can even do it with family and friends. Do push-ups on a counter, on the floor, on the bed… the options are limitless.


6. Sitting down and getting up

We’ve all done it before: sitting. At some point, we will have to stand up again. So, why not right now? If we simply shrink the time between sitting down and standing up to just a second or two, we can suddenly have a super fun workout we can take anywhere! It does not have to be long. Just sit down and stand up repeatedly for a minute and you will feel the fun!


7. Dancing

The Holidays are full of music, and that is a good thing. It is easy to feel the rhythm and excitement in the air from our favorite melodies. So, why not get moving to the sound of the beat? Stand up, move those feet, and suddenly you are getting some great exercise and having tons of fun in the process.


Photo: Snowman with shovel8. Shoveling Snow

Winter weather may grace our doors this year, and that is great news. It means you have your very own customized workout delivered right to your door! Grab that snow shovel and dig our way out. You will work up a sweat in no time while performing this super fun, and very practical, task.


Closing thoughts

The Holidays can create many barriers to our normal exercise routines, but that does not mean there aren’t tons of ways to get in some exercise. The fitness options just around one’s home are nearly endless; all it takes is the right outlook. These festive fitness opportunities all matter. A minute of standing up and sitting down is infinitely better than not doing anything. Climbing the stairs an extra time is infinitely better than doing nothing at all. Lifting up that strange box in the corner is infinitely better training for your muscles than staying still.

Every step counts, every minute matters, and everything you lift adds up. I encourage you this year to focus on what you can do over the holidays, and use the world around you for some fitness fun.

Until next time,