Fit Academy Summer Camp for Kids

Fit Academy is a summer day camp for young people aged 7 to 12.  Campers will experience daily group exercise, games, nutrition education, cooking lessons, and extraordinary fun! Fit Academy promotes healthier lifestyles for ALL children. The camp is open to Wellness Center members and non-members, and will operate in one-week sessions from June 17 through August 9.

Registration will begin on Monday March 25. Register by dropping by the Wellness Center or by contacting Heather Casey (828) 266-1066.


Fit Academy makes healthy smoothies

Spring Fit Academy makes healthy smoothies

  • Who: Young people aged 7 to 12, members or non-members
  • Where: Paul H. Broyhill Wellness Center
  • When: June 17 – August 9, week-long sessions
  • Camp Hours: Arrive between 7:30am and 8:00am, pick up at 4:00pm daily
  • Fee: $120 per week (limited scholarships available)
  • Activities include: Hiking, gardening, swimming, nutrition classes, cooking classes, daily group games and activities, fitness classes, bowling and so much more.
  • Registration: Parents can choose to register their child for the entire 8 weeks of camp, or pick and choose weeks for the summer.

Massage Therapy

Broyhill Wellness Center Massage Therapy

Everyone needs relaxation, rejuvenation, and relief from the daily grind–find it with the healing powers of skillful massage work. Our resident massage therapist offers a wide variety of both clinical and nonclinical bodywork modalities.

The Wellness Center is happy to offer massage therapy to our members and guests. Whether you want to relax and rejuvenate, loosen up after a workout or get relief from an injury or illness we’re here to help. Our therapist is available a wide variety of times to help meet the needs of our members.

About Our Therapist

Megan relocated to the High Country after having fallen in love with the quaintness and charm of the Boone/Blowing Rock community.

She is dedicated to sharing her passion and knowledge with others while immersing herself within a supportive environment. A place that embodies its values and thrives to nurture and enhance one’s quality of life.

Her background includes over 18 years in the field of healthcare with an Integrative Medicine approach that enables her to blend both conventional and alternative practices. This collaboration allows her to treat the whole person, with the focus on well-being and not just the injury and illness.

She spent the past 10 years as the founder of Embracing Life Through Love, Inc. where she also participated as a practitioner of a nonprofit public charity that specializes in Neuromuscular and Motor Neuron Diseases. There she discovered first hand the value of one’s well-being to be of the utmost importance for a true quality of life.

Megan’s enthusiasm for assisting others in their practice of balancing and maintaining a lifestyle of well-being is one of her great joys and she looks forward to serving our community and its members.

Other interests of Megan include a love for finding inspiring ways for self-care by traveling, soaking up the sounds of nature, and being immersed in the beauty of the outdoors. She also enjoys creative crafting and live outdoor acoustic music with faithful friends and family.

Megan offers Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork sessions that involves the manipulation of soft tissue structures in combination with range of motion and assisted stretching techniques to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasm and stress. Using these modalities and techniques improves the functioning of the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular, skeletal and nervous systems.

Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork is to be considered your “maintenance level” of massage therapy. It is recommended with routine follow-up on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

Megan Jean Durgan, LMBT, MMP

National Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, NC & FL
Certified Medical Massage Practitioner
Healing Touch Practitioner
Essential Energy Massage Specialist

If you have questions please call or email Megan Durgan.

Food & Nutrition

Our Registered Dietitians have experience with a variety of medical concerns including obesity, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. We have experience working with a variety of medical conditions and with both adults and children and are registered with the Commission on Dietetic Registration and licensed with the state of North Carolina to practice nutrition and dietetics.

We believe:

  • All foods can fit, and that individual foods are not necessarily good or bad
  • It’s the accumulation of good choices over days, weeks and months that make a healthy diet
  • Good nutrition comes from setting goals and making mindful dietary choices

Clients can also rest assured that the information we provide will be evidenced-based and supported by sound research. We also strive to provide nutrition tips that are practical and that most people can reasonably incorporate into a busy lifestyle.


Stop by the Wellness Center front desk to complete the Nutrition Packet and schedule an appointment with a dietitian. Payment must be made prior to the consultation. For additional information, contact the Wellness Center online or call (828)266–1060.

*This service is for Wellness Center Members only


A consultation with a registered dietitian can help you take the latest nutrition recommendations and find practical ways to apply them to your everyday life.

  • Highest level of nutrition counseling which will provide you with both professional and science based nutrition recommendations.
  • Personally tailored to each individual’s needs.
  • Help managing your weight and other chronic diseases.
  • Motivation and support to help you on your wellness journey.


Initial 1 Hour Consultation
$50 ($25 if purchased with any personal training package except the Intro Package)

Follow-up Appointment
$30- 1, 30 minute follow-up appointment (used within one month of initial consultation)

Follow-up Appointments
$75- 3, 30 minute follow-up appointment (used within two months of initial consultation)

The Firestarter Package
$125, includes 3, 1 hour personal training appointments and 1 hour nutrition consultation

*Payment must be made prior to the consultation

Join us for cooking school!

Join Heather Casey, our Wellness Center Dietitian for cooking school. Cooking school is held in our kitchen classroom and is limited to 10 participants. During each class Heather will focus on different foods and food combinations. She’ll provide healthy cooking options and tips that are practical and can be incorporated into a busy lifestyle.

Stop by the front desk or call 828.266.1060 to sign-up, $15 per class for members.

Meet Heather Casey

Meet Heather Casey

Registered Dietitian

Heather has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and a Master’s Degree in Nutrition. Over the last 8 years, Heather has worked at Appalachian Regional Healthcare System as a Clinical Dietitian. Heather is also the Director of the Adolescent Fitness Program (Ad-Fit) and teaches Nutrition Counseling and Nutrition Assessment classes at Appalachian State University.

When Heather isn’t working, she enjoys being active through hiking and running, and enjoys participating in and watching sports. Her desire as a Registered Dietitian is to help teach, encourage and motivate each individual on his or her journey towards wellness.

Maximizing Fat Loss

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Post Workout Nutrition

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Chopped Asparagus Salad

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Personal Training Options

Personal Training

Anyone can benefit from hiring a personal trainer regardless of fitness level or age! The best way to reach your fitness goals is to work with a personal trainer. The Wellness Center personal trainers provide individualized exercise programs based on client goals.

Benefits of personal training include:

  • Improve results
  • Weight loss and increased muscle tone
  • Accountability and encouragement
  • Individualized and diverse workouts
  • Reach your fitness goals
  • Improvements in overall fitness and health!

Wellness Center personal trainers are equipped with extensive background and knowledge in the field of health promotion and exercise science, along with experience and accredited personal training certifications.

To get started with our personal training program – contact the Wellness Center front desk at (828) 266-1060 and sign up today!

Click here to meet our Personal Trainers.

Online Personal Training

Have you wanted a personal trainer but couldn’t afford one or couldn’t coordinate a good time? Do you want variety or motivation in your workouts that you’re currently lacking? Then look no further! We’ll “Trainerize” you!

We use a powerful personal training software called Trainerize for our online training. With the software you’ll be able to access workouts designed by your trainer anywhere at a time that works best for you. You’ll be able to track your workouts, communicate directly to your trainer through a computer or smart phone app.


Small Group Personal Training

Get fit together!

  • Same individualized programming
  • More accountability
  • Lower Cost
  • Groups of 3-6 participants

$200 per person for 10 one-hour sessions ($300 for nonmembers).
For more information, contact us online or stop by the front desk.


Youth Strength and Development

The Youth Strength & Development Program through the Wellness Center offers instruction on weight training technique and customized programs to help individuals reach their athletic potential and improve their fitness level. The program is geared toward male and female students in 7th grade through 12th grade who participate in any sport or no sports at all.

4 pm Monday and Wednesday
All classes are supervised by a Certified Strength and Development Specialist.

10 sessions for $200.
Limit of 3 people per group.

For more information, contact us online or call (828) 266-1060.