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Wellness Center Yoga

The Wellness Center offers a variety of yoga classes that are free for our members to attend. In order to meet the needs of our members we’ve labeled the classes according to levels. This will allow members to choose classes that are suitable for their current fitness levels.

Our Instructors

Devin Treger

I believe that we all have an inner guide, and the breath is the tool to unlock it. By linking our physical movements to our breath in a fluid flow, we allow ourselves to connect and foster our relationship with the Self. My teaching style is highly intuitive, meaning that each class is catered to the people and energies that show up. I’m passionate about creating a welcoming space for breath and movement for every student. We all have something to teach each other!

Laura Price

Laura Price has been practicing yoga for five years. She is certified with over 200 hours of teacher training from the Asheville Yoga Center. She is also a trained dancer and choreographer and loves to incorporate yoga is all aspects of her life.

Besty Harris

I teach a Vinyasa flow style of yoga. This means that the various poses (asanas) are connected in a fluid manner, almost as a dance. I emphasize breath, flexibility, strength, and balance. My classes are accessible to all through modifications and the use of props such as blocks, straps, and blankets. I am especially sensitive to the needs of those with specific challenges to mobility, endurance, and balance.


Brad Ratay

I really enjoy connecting with the community & sharing a collective movement practice. My classes are a playful and lighthearted vinyasa flow. You may hear cues such as “move & groove,” “give it a lil wiggle,” and “gyrate the hips.” I also teach a restorative yoga class, which is intended to make yoga accessible for all ability levels. Here are some fun facts about myself:
Biggest inspiration – Richard Simmons  
Favorite food – Fancy toast  
Favorite yoga pose – Happy baby

Real People, Real Results

It’s time to take your training to the next level. 

Get Motivated and Get Moving! 

Anyone can benefit from hiring a personal trainer regardless of fitness level or age!

The best way to reach your fitness goals is to work with a personal trainer. The Wellness Center personal trainers provide individualized exercise programs based on client goals, and are equipped with extensive background and knowledge in the field of health promotion and exercise science, along with experience and accredited personal training certifications.

If you’re interested in signing up for Personal Training, fill out the form below, or contact our Front Desk at (828) 266-1060. 

Benefits of Personal Training Include:


Weight Loss & Increased Muscle Tone


Programming From Highly Educated Fitness Professionals


Improved Results


Improvements in Overall Fitness and Health


Accountability and Encouragement

“Awesome trainers! Truly care about clients and have a highly skilled and compassionate approach to helping them reach their goals.”

Wellness Center Member

“I have enjoyed all of Horton’s classes and his training. He served as my personal trainer… He has a wonderful personality and great sense of humor which in integrates into his classes. I have many friends who are huge fans of his.”

Wellness Center Member

“So many different types & levels of excercise available. Trainers and teachers are extremely helpful”

Wellness Center Member

More Ways to Train!

Virtual Personal Training

We use a powerful personal training software called Trainerize for our Virtual Training. With the software you’ll be able to access workouts designed by your trainer anywhere at a time that works best for you. You’ll be able to track your workouts, communicate directly to your trainer through a computer or smart phone app.

This program is designed for people who want:

  • A Personal Trainer, but can’t afford one full time
  • To do their workouts on their own time
  • Variety or motivation in their workouts
  • Accountability and expert guidance 

Semi-Private Personal Training

High Quality Personal Training with your closest friends! Get motivated, grab your favorite workout partner, and get ready to put in some work!



  • Specialized Partner Workouts
  • Groups of 2
  • Lower cost
  • Built in accountability
  • Professional instruction & training

Member Pricing:

  • Ten 60 minute sessions | $262.50
  • Five 60 minute sessions | $173.25
  • Sixteen 30 minute sessions | $250.00
  • Eight 30 minute sessions | $189.00

Small Group Training

Get fit together!

  • Same individualized programming
  • More accountability
  • Lower Cost
  • Groups of 3-5 participants
  • Professional instruction & training

Member Pricing:

  • Member: 10 Session – $210.00 (each)


Youth Strength & Development

The Youth Strength & Development Program offers instruction on weight training technique and customized programs to help individuals reach their athletic potential and improve their fitness level. The program is geared toward male and female students in 7th-12th grade, regardless of whether or not the youth currently plays a sport.

Classes                                                    Pricing
4:30pm Monday and Thursday           M/NM: 10 Sessions – $105.00

    Sign up for Youth Strength!

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    Get a FREE Personal Training Consultation!

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    Group Fitness Classes

    Group Exercise Classes

    Getting Stronger Together

    At The Wellness Center, we truly believe that it’s Better Together, and that there is a healthy movement that everyone can enjoy. Take a look at our wide variety of classes below, and let us know if you have any questions! To book a class, use our mobile app or member portal! 


    Reservation required. Yoga can increase flexibility and strength, relieve physical and mental tension, enhance body system function, and improve health and well-being. Learn more about our Yoga classes >


    Zumba fitness fuses engaging latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic workout that will tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Join us and give your calories one last dance!

    Strength with Trish

    This 45 minute class will work each part of your body, challenging your body through endurance and strength training. It is a high energy and high intensity class!


    RowFit is a unique class combining indoor rowing, running and other strengthening exercises. The short, but intense class will challenge both mind and body.

    Indoor Cycling

    Reservation required. A smooth, safe cycling workout welcoming participants of all fitness levels. Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first class to learn proper bike set-up and basic indoor cycling techniques.

    Outdoor Yoga

    Stretch & Flex

    A 45-minute class incorporating basic resistance and stretching exercises. Perfect for the senior citizen or for the beginning exerciser.



    Lap Swim, Classes, Swim Lessons, Birthday Parties and more!

    Lap Swim Hours

    Monday – Friday : 6:00am – 2:00pm
    Saturday : Temporarily Suspended
    Sunday : Temporarily Suspended

    Family Swim Hours

    Monday & Thursday : Temporarily Suspended
    Friday : Temporarily Suspended
    Saturday : Temporarily Suspended
    Sunday : Temporarily Suspended

    Arthritis Aquatic Program

    These classes are offered for participants who are looking for a warm water recreational exercise class that would benefit from aerobic conditioning, whole body strengthening, balance exercises and range of motion activities. This class is offered in the therapy pool with a monthly fee for members and non-members. Registration is required, please see front desk for details.

    Celebrate Your Birthday With Us!

    11 + 13 =

    Children’s swim birthday parties can be scheduled for a one hour block in our warm water therapy pool, with an additional hour in our classroom for birthday party activities. The cost for members is $70 and $80 for non-members. (Temporarily Suspended)

    Aquatic Personal Training

    This is a training program that is available to all members who are looking for a personalized aquatic exercise program to meet and achieve their fitness goals. Please inquire at the front desk or contact us online

    Family Swim (temporarily suspended)

    Members can bring their children (any age) during this time to swim in the lap pool at no charge. You may bring your children’s friends for $3 per child up to age 14. Children older than 14 must pay the regular guest fee of $10.

    Swim Clinics

    Swim stroke clinics are group classes that provide technique coaching for members in one hour sessions. These dates will be posted on flyers at the front desk.

    Food & Nutrition

    Food & Nutrition

    The Key to Unlock Real Results on Your Journey of Wellness

    Meet Your Nutrition Expert!

    Heather Casey, MS, RD, LDN

    Heather Casey, MS, RD, LDN

    Registered Dietitian & Certified Health Coach

    Email: hcasey@apprhs.org

    Heather has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and a Master’s Degree in Nutrition. Over the last 8 years, Heather has worked at Appalachian Regional Healthcare System as a Clinical Dietitian. Heather is also the Director of the Adolescent Fitness Program (Ad-Fit) and teaches Nutrition Counseling and Nutrition Assessment classes at Appalachian State University.

    When Heather isn’t working, she enjoys being active through hiking and running, and enjoys participating in and watching sports. Her desire as a Registered Dietitian is to help teach, encourage and motivate each individual on his or her journey towards wellness.

    We Believe:


    All foods can fit. Individual foods are not necessarily good or bad. 


    It’s the accumulation of good choices over days, weeks, and months that make a healthy diet. 


    Good nutrition comes from setting goals and making mindful dietary choices. 

    Our Registered Dietitians have experience with a variety of medical concerns including obesity, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. In addition, they have worked with a variety of medical conditions, and with both adults and children. They are registered with the Commission on Dietetic Registration and Licensed with the state of North Carolina to practice Nutrition and Dietetics.

    Clients can also rest assured that the information we provide will be evidenced-based and supported by sound research. We also strive to provide nutrition tips that are practical and that most people can reasonably incorporate into a busy lifestyle.

    The True Effects of a “Beer” Run

    There is a growing trend of athletes consuming alcohol after exercise. Whether it is to celebrate a win, nurse a loss, or just to let loose with teammates or friends, athletes are consuming more alcohol after exercise on a more regular basis….

    read more

    Cooking with Casey

    Throughout this class your child will learn basic kitchen safety skills and increase their confidence in helping prepare meals in the kitchen. They will also learn the basics of nutrition focusing on sugar, healthy carbohydrates and protein, and how to build a balanced plate. Your child will leave the class feeling accomplished and excited about cooking healthy meals, snacks and desserts.

    read more

    “They are great coaches and motivators. I have learned so much about nutrition and fitness. I have been able to adapt my habits and make positive and lasting lifestyle changes. I’m on course to achieving my goal for weight, nutrition, and health–couldn’t achieve it during the 16 weeks I’ve just finished, but my goals are in sight and I will keep working on them (with help from my great coaches!).”

    -Mike H.

    “I really appreciated meeting as “a team” to talk about nutrition and exercise. I appreciated the encouragement and motivation. I appreciated how the “pace” changed across time–we started where I “was” with my eating and fitness and the pace introduced appropriate challenges as the weeks progressed–so, not too much too soon.”


    “This is a fantastic program! Heather Casey is the bomb and a life saver! She helped me be successful and I lost over 10lbs and now over 20lbs because of her and Horton’s guidance.”

    -Meg S.

    What You’ll Get:


    Help managing your weight and other chronic diseases. 

    Motivation and support to help you on your Journey of Wellness. 


    Personally tailored to each individual’s needs. 


    A consultation with a Registered Dietitian to help you take the latest nutrition recommendations, and find practical ways to apply them to your everyday life. 


    Highest level of nutrition counseling, which provides both professional and science based nutrition recommendations. 



    Initial 1 Hour Consultation

    Member: $50 ($25 if purchased with any Personal Training package except the Intro Package)


    1-30 Minute Appointment

    Member: $30 

    Non-Member: $40 (both used within one month of consultation)


    1-60 Minute Appointment

    Member: $50 

    Non-Member: $60 (both used within one month of consultation)


    3-30 Minute Appointments

    Member: $75

    Non-Member: $90 (both used within two months of consultation)

    Other Options!

    Catalyst – Nutrition & Exercise! 

    Catalyst is a dynamic nutrition and exercise program that is individually designed to help you kick start your journey to wellness. The program is individualized to help you achieve your goals, and promote long lasting lifestyle changes. Working together with a Certified Personal Trainer and Registered Dietitian, you have the complete package of exercise and nutrition to ignite your health goals.

    Read more about catalyst here.

    Pricing: $50/week for 8 weeks!

    Join us for Cooking School!


    Join Heather Casey, our Wellness Center Dietitian for cooking school. Cooking school is held in our kitchen classroom and is limited to 10 participants. During each class Heather will focus on different foods and food combinations. She’ll provide healthy cooking options and tips that are practical and can be incorporated into a busy lifestyle.

    Stop by the front desk or call 828.266.1060 to sign-up,

    Pricing: $15 per class for members.

    Join us for Cooking School!


    Join Heather Casey, our Wellness Center Dietitian for cooking school. Cooking school is held in our kitchen classroom and is limited to 10 participants. During each class Heather will focus on different foods and food combinations. She’ll provide healthy cooking options and tips that are practical and can be incorporated into a busy lifestyle.

    Stop by the front desk or call 828.266.1060 to sign-up,

    Pricing: $15 per class for members.

    Get A Free Nutrition Consultation!

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    Individualized Nutrition Programs

    We’ve teamed up with Renaissance Periodization to help you reach your goals faster!

    Start Your RP Diet Today!

    Are you ready to stop the unhealthy, ineffective yo-yo dieting? Join us and be one of the thousands of RP clients that have gotten into the best shape of their lives with their nutritional templates and app.


    RP Diet Templates

    RP’s best selling, easy to use RP Diet Templates will help guide you to shed bodyfat while keeping muscle, or to gain muscle. Designed by PhDs and top level athletes. Choose from the orginal templates or the simplified templates.

    Don’t believe us? Click here to read some testimonials of people who have transformed their lives by linking science based nutrition with consistent exercise!  

    RP Diet App

    The RP diet app is a top 10 health and fitness app. It let’s you choose your goals and favorite foods. It tells you when to eat and reminds you when it’s time to eat. It also tells you when to weigh-in so that you can track your changes. 

    Get it on Android here

    Get it for IOS here

    Wellness Center Members can see our Front Desk to get a special discount code. Contact Us if you are interested or have any questions!