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Healthier Employees, Fewer Sick Days

Invest in Your Employee’s Wellness

The CDC estimates that full time workers in the U.S that suffer from chronic disease (such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, arthritis) miss about 450 million MORE days of work each year than healthy workers. The estimated cost of loss of productivity is more than $153 billion dollars a year – but don’t worry, there is a simple solution. 

Healthier Employees

Exercising regularly can help you maintain your health as well as improve it. It can lower blood pressure, reduce body fat, improve bone density, reduce cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, improve lung capacity, reduce your risk of chronic illness, and so much more!

Affordable & Accessible

Making it as easy as possible for your employees to exercise in their community is an important first step towards reaping the benefits of exercise. Our corporate membership offers just such an opportunity by granting access to our fitness facility at a reduced rate. For a healthier, happier, and more capable workforce, look no further than the Paul H. Broyhill Wellness Center!

Sick Days, Stress & Healthcare Costs

It can help you increase your speed, strength, and endurance, and overall make you more capable of handling the rigors and exertions of life. It can also help improve your quality of life, by helping to reduce stress, improve mood, and boost the immune system. A healthier immune system, body and brain mean fewer missed days at work, and a higher quality of work. 


There's Something For Everyone

Whether you enjoy lifting weights, using the Cardio Vascular equipment, swimming, CrossFit or Group Exercise classes, we’ve got something for everyone! And don’t worry, if you like a little bit of everything, it’s all included with your membership. 

Sit to Stands

Feeling tired? Take a break from your work and wake up your legs by standing up from your chair and then sitting back down again. Try this for ten or more repetitions and you can really get some great training, and the increased blood flow can even help you feel more alert.

Walk and Talk

Need to make a phone call that may take a while? Try walking and talking. Whether plodding in place or exploring the depths of the office, getting in some extra movement can really add up.

Stand Tall

One can accomplish a lot of work while sitting down and focusing on a task. However, the seated position is not the best for facilitating blood flow. Try taking a standing break and do some calf raises. Those will really help with improving circulation to and from your lower leg.

How do I sign up?

Signing up for a Corporate Membership with the Wellness Center is a very simple process, which we can customize to fit your needs. We know every business is unique, and we are determined to work with you to set your account up in a way that will be exactly how you need it. Here’s a few of examples of what we can for you! 

Come to us!

Schedule a group tour for your employees, and see all the reasons that we are “more than a gym.” One of our New Member Navigators can walk you through all our different amenities, group exercise class locations, and even introduce you to some of our staff. We can also have any of our Providers, including our Massage Therapist or Clinical Exercise Specialists share during this time.

Let us come to you!

Can’t get everyone away from work for a lunch trip? Let us come to your worksite, and sign everyone up at the same time! We will share about all the amenities of the gym, the benefits of exercise, answer questions about billing, and bring membership agreements for people to sign. We can even plan to bring one of our Personal Trainers, or our Registered Dietitian to come and speak to your employees about healthy lifestyle tips!


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Customize Your Billing!

We can work with you to set up your accounts to meet your financial needs. Offering a membership as a benefit for your employees? We’ve got your covered. Are you opting for a price share option, where you pay 50%, and the employee covers the rest? No problem. Click the link below, or email Erick Thompson  to get signed up today!