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We are updating our Fit Academy program to fit the current needs of the school system, so welcome to the first ever  “Fit Academy Day Camp!” The program will run from August 17th – October , and it will meet Mondays through Thursdays. The purpose of this program is to help bridge the gap for parents who need to work, and have kids on the new split school system schedule. During this time your child can expect: Homework time, PE time, lunch, and play time. Here are the details

We are now taking enrollment for the 2020 months of August – October

Fit Academy makes a fun Art Project!

  • Who: Two different groups: Kindergarten – 2nd grade, and 3rd – 6th grade. There are 15 spots per group, for a total of 30 spots per month.
  • Where: Paul H. Broyhill Wellness Center
  • When: August 2020 – October 2020
  • Camp Hours: Monday – Thursday. Arrive between 7:30am and 8:00am, pick up between 4:00pm – 4:30pm.
  • Fee: $30 per day
  • Activities include: Homework time, PE time, play time, pool time, lunch and snacks.
  • Registration: Parents must register for specific days for an entire month and they cannot switch days once registered. For example, a child may come on Mondays and Wednesdays for the entire month of September.


Fit Academy Registration