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We’ve teamed up with Renaissance Periodization to help you reach your goals faster!

Start Your RP Diet Today!

Are you ready to stop the unhealthy, ineffective yo-yo dieting? Join us and be one of the thousands of RP clients that have gotten into the best shape of their lives with their nutritional templates and app.


RP Diet Templates

RP’s best selling, easy to use RP Diet Templates will help guide you to shed bodyfat while keeping muscle, or to gain muscle. Designed by PhDs and top level athletes. Choose from the orginal templates or the simplified templates.

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RP Diet App

The RP diet app is a top 10 health and fitness app. It let’s you choose your goals and favorite foods. It tells you when to eat and reminds you when it’s time to eat. It also tells you when to weigh-in so that you can track your changes. 

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Wellness Center Members can see our Front Desk to get a special discount code. Contact Us if you are interested or have any questions!