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Along with our New Member Software, we have a brand new mobile app! We are really excited about the capability and functionality that this new mobile app offers. Here are of the things you will be able to do via your mobile app:

-Scan in digitally to the facility
-View Class Schedule
-Sign up for a class
-View your statement
-View sessions left in a package (PT, Massage, etc).
-Edit your account information
-View your check in history
-Enroll in any active programs
-Reserve the racquetball court

Note: This is a NEW online member portal through Club Automation. Any previous email/password with our old system will not apply to this NEW login, and NEW app. To sign up for and access your account, please follow the instructions below – if you have any issues or questions, don’t hesitate to reach out:

1. Go to https://broyhill.clubautomation.com/

2. Click “Access My Account” under “First time here?”

3. Find your account by entering your First Name, Last Name, and Email (Note: If
the system is having difficulty finding your email, please contact the Front
Desk. It is possible it was entered incorrectly, or is out of date)

4. A confirmation email will be sent to that email address.

5. Go to your email, and click on the link that was sent to you.

6. Fill out your information, and set a password for your account

Once your account has been created, you will be able to access the many features
that our Member Portal and App have to offer. To find the new app, do the following:

1. Open the app store, or google play store, on your mobile device.

2. Search for “Wellness Center Boone”

3. Click download / install

4. Open the app once installed

5. Enter the log-in information you set up for the Member Portal

*Note: Your Club Automation account MUST BE SET UP FIRST before you will be
able to access / log in to the App

For IOS (Iphone or Ipad)

For Android: