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CrossFit Boone – CrossFit

Extended Warm Up

Warm up your clean for the WOD or work to a heavy single if you’re doing the max cal row!

Metcon (Time)

CrossFit Games Open WOD 18.2A&B



DB Squats (50/35)

Bar Over Burpees

Directly into…


1RM Clean

In 16 Minutes.

(If you don’t want to max out your clean, you can do a max cal row)

We’ll extend the time cap from 12 minutes to 20 we can give everyone a shot at completing this one.

You’ll load up the bar with whatever weight you want to start the clean with.

If you complete 18.2A before the 12 minute time cap, the athlete will have whatever time they have left in 12 minute cap PLUS the two minutes of rest. All athletes will have until the 14 minute mark to rest. For example if an athlete finishes in 8 minutes, they will have a 6 minute rest. At the 14 minute mark they will immediately go into 18.2B and find your 1RM clean or max cal row. This is a firm 20 minute time cap.