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Wellness Center Yoga

The Wellness Center offers a variety of yoga classes that are free for our members to attend. In order to meet the needs of our members we’ve labeled the classes according to levels. This will allow members to choose classes that are suitable for their current fitness levels.

Our Instructors

Devin Treger

I believe that we all have an inner guide, and the breath is the tool to unlock it. By linking our physical movements to our breath in a fluid flow, we allow ourselves to connect and foster our relationship with the Self. My teaching style is highly intuitive, meaning that each class is catered to the people and energies that show up. I’m passionate about creating a welcoming space for breath and movement for every student. We all have something to teach each other!

Besty Harris

I teach a Vinyasa flow style of yoga. This means that the various poses (asanas) are connected in a fluid manner, almost as a dance. I emphasize breath, flexibility, strength, and balance. My classes are accessible to all through modifications and the use of props such as blocks, straps, and blankets. I am especially sensitive to the needs of those with specific challenges to mobility, endurance, and balance.


Brad Ratay

I really enjoy connecting with the community & sharing a collective movement practice. My classes are a playful and lighthearted vinyasa flow. You may hear cues such as “move & groove,” “give it a lil wiggle,” and “gyrate the hips.” I also teach a restorative yoga class, which is intended to make yoga accessible for all ability levels. Here are some fun facts about myself:
Biggest inspiration – Richard Simmons  
Favorite food – Fancy toast  
Favorite yoga pose – Happy baby